On which Operating systems can I use this bot?

The bot should work for all Windows version from 2000 to Win8.
It is also possible, that the bot works for older OS (e.g. 98/Me) but this was not tested.
The bot could work for Linux, if you download "WINE" and start bot.

Why do I have to type my password in this box?

You have to type in password, because bot logs in on seafight.
It is useless to try logging in on seafight and hope that bot will run without password,
but bot will not run without password!

Why is this bot collecting so badly?

This bot is a machine, as you know machines can not think.
Our brain is better than every machine and it can react really fast.
The only disadvantage is the bad/slow execution. A machine can do this really fast
but we are not as fast as this machine.
Machines cannot connect things as we can do, machines are "stupid".

Do I have to log in on seafight?

You can, but it is not necessary.

Which browser do I need for this bot?

This bot needs no browser, you can start bot also start on computers without any
browser, it will work for sure.

What do I have to type in box "Server"?

You have not to type in the complete servername, you just must type in the shortenings:

Germany1 = de1
Germany2 = de2
Germany3 = de3

Global Europe1 = int1
Global Europe2 = int4
Global Europe3 = int5

Italy1 = it1
Italy2 = it2

England1 = gb1

France1 = fr1
France2 = fr2

Spain1 = es1
Spain2 = es3

Skandinavien1 = int3

Netherland1 = nl1

East Europe
Polski1 = pl1

Turkey1 = tr1

Turkey2 = tr2

Turkey3 = tr3

Russia1 = ru1

USA1(East) = us1
USA2(West) = us2

Global America1 = int2

Latin America1 = pt1
Latin America2 = es2

Asia1 = int6

Why do this bot find so much glitters, but does not collect them?

If bot found a glitter, it will mean that bot saw it, sometimes more than one at once.
This does not mean bot is collecting it/them at the moment!
After finding some glitters bot tries to find the nearest and starts collectin it.
But while bot is moving to bot someone else could have the glitter collected.
If this happens, bot will not show "Glitter was collected".

It is also possible that bot while it is moving to the glitter the other found glitters
disapear. If this happens bot ist just ignoring them and doe not show any message.

Why does this bot always crash?

This is a really good question, I really do not know why this is happening, but i will keep searching
for the problem and will solve it.

What does the file "SfTester.exe" do?

This file checks the safety of your bot.
Just start this file before you start the bot and wait until you can see wether the bot is safe or not.

What does the file "SFUpdater X.exe" do?

This file looks for new versions of bot and if it finds one, it will download it.

The bot always shows "Logging in failed". What is wrong?

1. Retype in your password and username.
2. Check if you chose the right server and the right shortening.
3. If your password or username contains special letters then remove them.
 Bot works for some special letters, but not for all.
4. After that take a look at your firewall and your anti virus system, maybe they are blocking.

Can I get banned?

Of cause you can, but if you do not bot too much and if you always start "SfTester.exe",
the chance to get banned is really small.

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