Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online game from BioWare set in the same universe as its award-winning Star Wars role-playing games.
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After a long time searching, i have found the Star Wars: The Old Republic Aeon Guide. This is a nice guide for SWTOR which costs $57, a price that is just crazy. So i have searched it and will now share it for all to download, read and improve their skills in SWTOR!

Description from website:

AeonGuide is a library of professionally written guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our guides will give you the most accurate and up to date information available.

We have done the math, the research and the testing, and we know what the best builds, the best items, the best rotations, and the best strategies are for every aspect of the game. Our guides cover leveling, PVP, questing, soloing, grouping, itemization, stats, end game, healing, tanking, DPSing. If its in the game, we will tell you how to be the best at it.