Generates codes for the Halo 4 Male/Female Red Armor ( Armour ) avatar prop.

 1. Run Application 
2. Press 'Random' or enter own Name and Email
 3. Press 'Get Captcha' 
4. If there is Captcha, fill it out, if there is not, disregard this step. Press Submit
 5. Will either pop up with invalid Captcha or code will be displayed 

Q) I press "Get Captcha", but no captcha comes up, what can I do? 
A) Press "Get Captcha" again. If nothing comes up, just click submit to get your code.

 Note: Use of this program means that you abide by the following rules: You will not sell any codes generated by this program, nor will you sell this program. Please use this program scarcely, only to receive the code for your own Xbox Live Account.

Halo 4 Xbox Live Avatar Code Generator