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Starcraft II is an action sci-fi shooter strategy game released by Blizzard Entertainment. The original game was released in 2007 and the developers after a break, has come up with an entirely new trilogy that will appease gamers besides exceeding their expectations. The Heard of the Swarm is the second expansion pack to the game which is slated to release next year but gamers have the advantage of gaining access tot the beta version earlier. The reliable and easy to use starcraft 2 heart of the swarm beta keygen will allow players to immediately play the beta version even before people around the globe could experience what Blizzard entertainment has in store for them.
Officially, it is already confirmed that this second expansion pack, will have an entire range of multiplayer elements, additional units and various game tweaks that are made to provide a comprehensive experience. The heart of the swarm beta key generator will help you play earlier than others. The story begins where Starcraft II ended and will explore the space with an immnent focus on the Zerg species.
Just like the first edition, you get to control all three species including Terrans, Protoss and the Zerg. Players can move forward from where they left off with Wings of Liberty and is is said that the new game will have 20 missions set in different parts of various planets in an unexplored universe. There will be seven new multiplayer units each with their own special moves, capacity and they are fairly designed so that they don’t dominate the entire gameplay. The heart of the swarm beta keygen will generate legit keys for you to play the game in all its beta glory !

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