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Are you one of the millions of gamers hooked on League of Legends? Learn how to get free Riot Points for League of Legends now and stop wasting hours of your time earning Influence Points to unlock things.
With your own Riot Points you’ll be able to access the latest League of Legends champions, buy champion bundles, use skins on all your favorite champions, unlock more rune pages and more.
I have been using this app since I started playing League of Legends over 3 years ago and thanks the Riot Points Generator I was able to unlock all the champions I ever wanted (with some skins) while also buying some extra rune pages to make life a lot easier. Best of all I didn’t have to spend hours grinding out games for Influence Points like my friends.
How To Get Your Free Riot Points For LoL:
Download our free Riot Points code generator and never worry about looking for them again. There is no doubt, League of Legends is one of the most popular games to spend your precious time playing however if you want to make the most of it, you will require riot points which can cost you a lot of money if you seek to acquire them through the official route. Games developers would leave no stone unturned to make as much money from each of their loyal players as possible. You therefore can either keep paying thousands of dollars each year towards new riot points or look for a way to get them for free.
If you are tired of all the fake RP generators, RP hacks and “bugs” then try our Riot Point generators you won’t be disappointed!

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What is Riot Points Generator?
Do you find yourself so addicted to League of Legends? The good news now is that you can unveil the ways on how to obtain free Riot Points especially intended for League of Legends. There’s no need for you to waste your time just to get Influence Points to unseal things.
Through having your very own Riot Points, you will have access to the new League of Legends champions, purchase champion packages, utilize skins on all your most preferred champions, unseal more rune pages and lots more in store just for you. By using Riot Points Generator, you can possibly unseal all the champions you wish and at the same time purchasing some more rune pages to make life more convenient and enjoyable. The highlight of this is that you don’t have to spend long hours cranking out games for Influence Points.
With the newest modification to version 3.7 of Riot Points Generator module League of Legends Hacks Engine, there are two primary currencies which you can purchase your champions, skins and runes, Riot Points as well as Influence points. The reason why Riot Points is more famous is that you can either purchase it via online using real money or you may also redeem gift codes. Take note that you can only obtain Influence points when playing.
By happy chance, you can now utilize the generator to obtain free Riot Point codes rather than altering the values.  This enables all accounts to be perfectly secured and safe. Not to mention, it makes it very convenient for anyone who prefers to utilize the codes later on or transmit it to someone as a present. With Riot Points, there are no more worries! The best part about it is that the free riot points that can advance the process of your game are accessible to you now in just a matter of a single click download.

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