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Welcome to our CHEATfactor Game Review of Divinity: Original Sin. We review the game and then factor in how the available cheats affect the overall game experience. For better or worse, our reviews will help you decide whether or not to use cheats when playing the game.

Often appear on Kickstarter projects that solemnly undertake to do "as before", but much better. So far, only last year's page Original Sin can be brought into compliance with the standard as generous promises and the final result. Promises can be considered even Overfulfillment: such success does not seem to expect, even in the Larian.

And what else? In magnum opus Belgians felt the concentration of all the experience, all the aspirations and efforts of good, but not too lucky team. New Divinity made ​​as if to Larian decided at any cost to create an incredible game. Original Sin surpasses all previous RPG Sven Vincke: she's smart, beautiful, mellifluous, great quotes, but it is self-sufficient. And in every sense stable. Since the official release of the game is not just downloaded some updates, but for 60 hours of passage I encountered only three minor faults. It seems to me that the choice before the studio was simple: now or probably never.

Divinity begins lazily, as if reluctantly: pair of protagonists arrives in besieged city vermin investigate the mysterious murder. Sluggish scenic trickle slowly gaining ground: too slovoohtlivy local NPC. After a couple of hours exploring the attractions in line with the tasks settlements magazine swell to obscene proportions. The first card of its sweep requires about twenty hours, and this is, in fact, the only complication. Later, however, crushed villages, locations will be more, and most of the questions can be solved only with fire and sword, but it is - then.

A green warriors have to get used to the fact that almost never rivellona wall too dangerous for a player places. You quickly accustom stored as often as possible: an incorrectly selected route markers suggest not, and extremely strong enemies and deadly traps. As a result, the experience at first drawn teaspoon, and when the level give a very small amount distributed points. Pretty soon will come the realization that you're stuck here for a very long time. The last time me personally this was in Baldur's Gate.

Another thing is that, unlike Bioware, Larian offers an incredibly rich in detail about the world. For example, Divinity boasts unprecedented in modern party RPG interactivity. Almost any object can be put into gear, and on the ability to throw the thing on earth built the lion's share of puzzles. Closed locks are not necessarily crack - you can just burn them. Enumerate all that is allowed (and sometimes necessary) to do ridiculous Divinity: creative freedom in the combination of everything - the main feature of Original Sin.

Podnabrat money and experience, the player will almost certainly turn into a child learns the world. Follow and curiosities: sbyv the store finder, which, say, poisons its owner, a couple of hours you will be surprised that the hapless merchant could hardly breathe. All to be honest!

Under a peace and flexible role system. Audience Award goes non-combat abilities, allows us to talk to animals. World of someone who understands the beast overturns: rats reveal the secrets of their dungeons, cats give interactive quests and bunny on the edge does not sends a group of heroes on three letters. In Divinity at all interesting conversations often happen: voice of the caller explicitly depends on its formation and origin, so that the texts here are very different. Often useful not to enter into negotiations, and eavesdrop on other people's chatter. Such simple way to give valuable information about how, for example, the orcs are members of sexual minorities in their ranks.

How do you then the information received - your business, but in Original Sin is nothing superfluous. All scenic branches intertwined and feel like you're doing some extraneous nonsense, no.

Assignments often falling into the Bring-bring, although they do not bother: the essence of the order is not particularly important if the form does not let us down. Developers understand this, and therefore do not disdain irony: if you see goblins, encamping by the explosive barrels and discussing possible consequences of such gatherings, be sure to listen to their conversation.

And then towards the dunce Throw fireball. Tactical turn-based battles - that's the main event tonight.
Diplomat Divinity try to avoid bloodshed (Many critical issues are solved by rivellona "rock, paper, scissors"). Thief tries to pretend to be a bush and sneak a key item. But the formula of three "U" - to kill, to steal, to persuade - in Original Sin is hardly ever used and most of the game make it a battle.

Divinity: Original Sin - an absolute success Sven Vincke and his team, a great game that has all the chances to fall in love with not only fans of Baldur's Gate, Ultima VII, Fallout or Arcanum, but newcomers to the genre. Judging by the news, Larian has made ​​good sales. Now the studio has all the chances to make a new, more profound and interesting RPG. And for less and we will not accept. After this time the Belgians managed to achieve the desired and their fate now depends only on themselves.



  • Infinite Health (Party)
  • Infinite AP (Party)
  • One Hit Kills
  • Unlimited of Selected Item
  • No Ability Cooldown
  • Reveal Map
  • Reveal Map Icons
  • Edit Health
  • Edit AP
  • Edit Current EXP
  • Edit Quantity of Selected Item
  • Edit Stat Points
  • Edit Ability Points
  • Edit Talent Points
  • Edit Attributes
  • Edit Camera Zoom
  • Edit Camera Distance
  • Edit Camera Perspective
Made exclusively for GameZ8ne. WRITTEN FOR THE PATCHED/RETAIL/STEAM VERSION OF THE GAME. May not work with all versions. Read the included readme file with Notepad for important instructions on using the trainer. This trainer features customizable hotkeys. This file has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.
Compat: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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